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Large Cooling Tower Installation in Richardson, TX

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TI RFAB 2 – Cooling Tower Installation

When Brandt was contracted to construct the 25,000 Ton process cooling system for this project in Richardson, TX, they turned to McMillan James Equipment Company. McMillan James provided the Marley Cooling Tower and the expert installations services they have become known for.

McMillan James provided a turnkey assembly of the cooling tower which included the following:
• Logistics on a very large and congested jobsite.
• Receiving 66 flatbeds of material onsite
• Use of a 270 ton crane to set the equipment
• Two crews working 10 hour days to meet the project schedule
• Full trim out of the cooling tower.
• Inlet and outlet piping exterior to the cooling towers was connected by Brandt.
• Power to the fan motors and basin heaters was connected by the Electrical Contractor
• Factory Authorized start-up performed by McMillan James.
• Commissioning performed by Brandt with the assistance of McMillan James.

Brandt had hired McMillan James to install a 6-Cell Marley Everest Cooling Tower for the Southern Methodist University central plant back in 2018. That was a challenging install that was completed smoothly and ahead of schedule. When Brandt had the opportunity to use the Marley Everest on this much larger installation for this facility, they didn’t hesitate to make the call to the McMillan James Aftermarket Group for their installation services again. The assembly at was completed in July of 2021 and the start up of the system is scheduled for October of 2021.

Engineer: Page Southerland Page

Mechanical Contractor: Brandt

Products Used: 11-Cell Marley “Everest” Cooling Tower Model NC8422
25,000 Ton Cooling Tower (51,600 GPM @ 20° Range)

Manufacturers Used on the Project

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