Bureau of Engraving and Printing

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Western Currency facility of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, Fort Worth, TX

The Army Corps of Engineers tasked Jacobs Engineering Group to add 3,200 tons of capacity to the Western Currency facility of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. Jacobs reached out to McMillan James. Needing a cooling tower to match the façade of the existing building, McMillan James designed a Marley masonry shell cooling tower to do just that. To ensure the cooling tower would be assembled by a crew with decades of experience assembling large custom cooling towers, Jacobs specified that the tower be assembled by McMillan James Equipment Company.
Hensel Phelps was the successful general contractor on this project and awarded the mechanical scope of work to Cobb Mechanical. Per the specifications, Cobb awarded the assembly of the cooling tower to McMillan James. Hensel Phelps poured the concrete for the cooling tower the end of 2019 and McMillan James assembled the internals of the cooling tower early in 2020.

McMillan James, scope included the following:
• Crane work to lift the cooling tower components in place.
• Assembly of mechanical systems, including fans, motors, drive shafts and hot water distribution piping & nozzles.
• Assembly of eliminators and fill
• Control components including vibration switches, basin heaters and electronic water level controllers.
• Factory Authorized start-up was performed by McMillan James.
• Commissioning was performed by Cobb with the assistance of McMillan James.

Owner: Army Corps of Engineers

Engineer: Jacobs

Mechanical Contractor: Cobb Mechanical

Products Used: 3-Cell Marley Masonry Shell Cooling Tower Model MS-20202 (32,000 Ton Cooling Tower)

Manufacturers Used on the Project

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