The Story of McMillan James Equipment Co.

McMillan James Equipment Company (MJEC) was founded in 1987 by its CEO, Mark McMillan. The company’s roots date back to the mid 1950’s when McMillan Equipment Company (MECO), a Houston based manufacturer’s rep firm, was first established by Hugh D. McMillan Jr.   

Mark McMillan branched out on his own in 1987 when he took over the Dallas -Fort Worth operations of MECO and founded the current company.   In 2007 the name was changed to McMillan James Equipment Company when Mark James and Robert McMillan were made partners.


MJEC was founded on the principle of providing technical expertise, superior service, and top of the line products to bring maximum value to its customers.   This strategy has enabled MJEC to evolve from a small supplier of niche products to one of the premier rep firms in the nation with a full line of mainstream HVAC products and offices in Houston and San Antonio.  

our mission.

We strive to increase productivity by supplying HVAC and plumbing products and services that enhance our customer’s ability to perform beyond expected standards

Serving Texans since 1987

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