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KDFW Fox 4

Owner: KDFW Fox 4

Engineer: Reed Wells Benson

Mechanical Contractor: Frymire Services, Inc.

Products Used: Smardt Water-Cooled Chillers and PACO HVAC Pumps

Brief Description: KDFW, the local Fox affiliate, decided to update and upgrade their central plant for their Dallas HQ and production offices for higher efficiency. Among other magnetic bearing chiller manufacturers, the owner and construction team decided on Smardt for their innovative design and absolute highest efficiency. The multi-compressor (per chiller) configuration was utilized to add another level of redundacy as each chiller is able to operate near 90% capacity, even with the loss of one compressor. The project consists of (2) 200-ton water-cooled chillers. Four (4) PACO horizontal split case pumps were also retrofitted.

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