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Essilor R&D Tech Center Addition

Owner: Essilor Labratories

Engineer: James Johnston and Associates

Mechanical Contractor: Dynamic Systems, Inc. (DSI)

Products Used: Phoenix Controls, Aircuity, Marley, Aerofin Coils, Nexus Piping Packages, and Strobic High-Plume Exhaust Fan.

Brief Description: Essilor Tech Center is a research facility for Essilor Laboratories. The project utilizes Phoenix Controls to provide pressurization control and fume hood control in the spaces.  It also utilizes Aircuity to monitor the indoor air quality in the lab and allow for a reduction in air change rates and improved energy efficiency. The Marley tower provides condenser water cooling for the chiller on-site and the Strobic exhaust fan exhausts the lab air and fume hood air into the atmosphere at a velocity that ensures there is no re-entraiment of any air that may be dangerous to the tenants and also dilutes the chemicals in the airstream to render them harmless to the environment.

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